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Day three at Interop NYC 2010

Posted by riverbedtest on October 20, 2010

Interop logo Even though it really started on Monday, for many people, the Interop NYC 2010 conference began this morning at 10:30, when the big doors swung open for the Vendor Expo.  More than 125 vendors filled the massive exhibition hall, but if you IMG_0237[1] came in through the main entrance, you could not miss the big, well-lit, and brightly colored Riverbed booth, which was brimming with activity all day.

There's a stage with a large video screen and about 25 seats, where a nearly continuous stream of presentations filled the seats with interested viewers.  Attendees got t-shirts for their time, but more importantly got some really good information about WAN Optimization.  We also had presentations from three Riverbed customers, each of whom told real stories about their Riverbed implementations, and the great benefits that they have received:

  1. Michael Hart from Marubeni America
  2. Jeff Wilhelm from Accudata
  3. Joe Galardi from Jeffries

IMG_0241[1] The rest of the booth contains a series of live demos from Riverbed people, and a IMG_0240[1] couple of continuous video streams.  Overhead is the largest indoor sign I've ever seen.

On Thursday, the 3 customers will each speak again in our booth, and we'll have the same all-day stream of presentations.  There will also be a presentation from Apurva Dave,Vice President of Product Marketing during the afternoon at one of the breakout sessions (3:25pm in room 1E08).

We'll have more pictures tomorrow.

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