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SNW Dallas Wraps Up with Josh Tseng

Posted by riverbedtest on October 14, 2010

Today is the final day of SNW Dallas, and your chance to hear our own Josh Tseng, regular blogger in this space and all-around good guy, talk about the new world of Cloud Computing and its relationship to existing WANs.  Here is the description of his talk:

Cloud computing promises to deliver potential gains in efficiency and cost savings by consolidating IT assets into public and private data centers. Virtualization technologies allow migration of virtual machines and data into and out of Cloud infrastructures. However, cloud-hosted information assets must still be accessed by users over existing WAN infrastructures, where there are performance issues due to bandwidth and latency constraints. Learn how WAN optimization is one of the key–and often overlooked–technology component necessary for the adoption of cloud computing.

If you're going to pursue cloud computing, and we believe a lot of organizations will be heading in that direction, then you're going to need to look at WAN Optimization.  Cloud computing makes the WAN more important to the success of the organization than ever before.  Make sure your WAN is the best and most efficient that it can be.


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