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Just What is Social Media Marketing?

Posted by riverbedtest on September 20, 2010

Normally I am not the kind of person who hangs comic strips on his cubicle walls, but when Dilbert discusses your exact job, you kind of have to.  And since I don't actually have a cubicle (I work from home), this blog will have to act as my cubicle wall.

I thought this might be a nice opportunity to talk about Riverbed's Social Media presence.  (Fortunately, Riverbed is enlightened enough to permit its Social Media people to use Twitter and Facebook from work!)

  • First and foremost, of course, is this blog.  If you're here, then you've already found it.  If you're not here, then it opens up all kinds of metaphysical questions that I'd rather not spend a lot of time thinking about.
  • Second is our Community Site where hundreds of Riverbed users exchange questions, answers, Phofadvice, and other general comments about their Riverbed products and implementations.  Right now, on the Community Site, our Performance Hall of Fame is under way, where users have the chance to win Flip Video Cameras by posting graphs from their real Riverbed implementations for everyone to see.  Everyone who enters wins a Special Edition Riverbed T-shirt.  If you haven't seen it yet, be sure to come by and check it out!
  • Third is our Twitter feed, where you can find all sorts of announcements about what we're doing across the company as well as across our Social Media.  Please be sure to follow us if you aren't already.
  • Fourth is our Facebook page.  Please be sure to Like us.
  • We've also got a LinkedIn Group where there are some animated discussions and Q&As about various aspects about Riverbed, our products, and many of the things we do.
  • We make a bunch of videos, and they can all be found together on our YouTube channel.  There are customer testimonials, Chalk Talks (brief videos that explain one aspect of our products or another), training videos, and lots of other things.  You can find them all in one place on our YouTube channel.  Please be sure to friend us on YouTube.
  • And we're also on Google Buzz.

Please be sure to join us in our various Social Media incarnations.  We'll be watching for you.

7 Responses to “Just What is Social Media Marketing?”

  1. Social Media networks generally attract a lot of users. They are online platforms where users share thoughts, discuss ideas and interact with each other on a variety of subjects. However, if a company wishes to engage in a social media campaign without a solid plan or framework how to implement it, the above cartoons sum it up nicely.

  2. david720 said

    Making your social media marketing content
    fun and even humorous can help you get noticed on the social spectrum. It’ll also help a lot with your efforts to develop your brand’s identity.

  3. How effective does a social media marketing to a business?

  4. We think it’s very effective. More and more companies are seeing and exploring the value of social media marketing. It’s an informal way to communicate with your user community and with potential customers. Customers no longer expect to be marketed to all the time, they expect marketing to be more of a two-way street. With give and take. That’s what we’re trying to accomplish with our social media marketing. Does that help? 🙂

  5. Sure Spark said

    I’d say its very effective for a lot of companies, but its not always worth the time for ALL companies. For some, the amount of return they’d get for doing social media isn’t worth the hassle.

  6. Good to read this and I think social media is a great help to promote your business and to increase your sales as well.

  7. Franchise. said

    Its one of the best way to market your product.No doubt and provides surety.

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