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The Riverbed Performance Hall of Fame is back!

Posted by riverbedtest on September 8, 2010

Last year, Riverbed ran our first-ever Performance Hall of Fame.  Over 130 of our readers submitted performance graphs and results for everyone to see.  Everybody who entered got a special edition Riverbed t-shirt, and was entered in a contest to win a cool prize (last year it was an iPod).    

Did you miss it?  

Don't worry… it's not too late.  We are running a whole new PerformanceBanner_community_FlipVideo_contest Hall of Fame between now and the end of 2010.  Upload your Riverbed performance graphs depicting about a week's worth of amazing performance, write up a paragraph or two describing what you've done, give it a pithy title, and upload it.  (If you assign port names, that'd be even better!)

Just like last year, everyone who enters gets a t-shirt.  (Make sure your mailing address is correct in your registration so we can find you!)  

Then, vote for the best posts using the Kudos feature (yes, you can vote for yourself!), and we'll give prizes to the people who get the most Kudos.

Phof The big change in the contest this year is that the prize is a Flip Video Camera.  We'll be awarding one per month between now and the end of the year.

If you like reading fine print, then by all means, click here!

And let's have some fun with this!

Good luck to everyone who enters.  And thanks!

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