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Virtual Desktops Anywhere with Steelhead Mobile 3.1

Posted by bobegilbert on August 30, 2010

Riverbed announced today Steelhead Mobile 3.1, which introduces enhancements for Citrix, Apple Mac Systems, and key enterprise applications.

Steelhead Mobile 3.1 enables even faster performance for mobile workers accessing critical business applications such as Citrix XenApp and Exchange 2010. 

Steelhead Mobile 3.1 also extends platform support to Mac environments.  Mac users now get accelerated performance for native Mac applications as well as Microsoft applications that are being virtualized on a Mac using VMware Fusion.

Here is a demo of the new Steelhead Mobile 3.1 offering

2 Responses to “Virtual Desktops Anywhere with Steelhead Mobile 3.1”

  1. Bonnie Mac said

    i don’t see an hour glass because it is called a wristwatch

  2. I can see that this version is all out performing much well effective. Mac just sent out the words correctly, hour glass was replaced with a watch wrist already! And the performance is just all so worth the service.

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