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The Air Force sees the Need for Speed!

Posted by riverbedtest on August 27, 2010

AFITC 2010 Coin Monday, August 30 starts the 2010 Air Force Information Technology Conference in Montgomery, Alabama.  

Clearly the Air Force sees the value of Riverbed WAN Optimization.  The logo for the AFITC suggests digital speed, and the slogan for the event, Dominance at the Speed of Need, makes that even clearer.  

In addition to being represented in the vendor exhibition hall, Riverbed is also delivering a presentation during the Seminar Tracks called WAN Optimization for the Warfighter, Monday at 1330 (1:30pm for you non-military types).

We look forward to seeing everyone at this important event.


One Response to “The Air Force sees the Need for Speed!”

  1. Kinda silly. I don’t really think the logo is all that…speedy, looking. Seriously, what speed?

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