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Riverbed Announces Virtual Steelhead

Posted by riverbedtest on July 22, 2010

at Riverbed are very excited to announce our new Virtual Steelhead product

is a Virtual Steelhead?  It’s a
no-hardware version of a traditional Steelhead Appliance.  The functionality of the Virtual Steelhead
should be familiar to experienced Riverbed users; it’s exactly the same as a
traditional Steelhead appliance, with all of the current technology advantages
intact.  The Virtual Steelhead takes RiOS
(Riverbed Optimization Software) and runs it as a virtual machine on any
hardware that supports VMware ESX or ESXi 4.0.

Steelhead allows our customers to get all the features and benefits of WAN
Optimization in places and situations where they could not get it before.  We’ve had inquiries from military
organizations who want to throw Steelhead appliances out of airplanes (they
could always do that) and have them work in combat or other high-pressure situations
once they hit the ground (that part was always a little trickier).   Now
you’ll be able to take that Virtual Steelhead and run it inside a ruggedized
server as just another virtual machine.

had customers who want the advantages of WAN optimization in an environment
where they don’t have the physical space to fit a Steelhead appliance, such as
in a local TV news van, at a construction site, or in an Emergency Medical
Services vehicle.  Virtual Steelhead will
give them all the functionality of a physical Steelhead appliance without
consuming any valuable hardware space or taking up any additional network or
power ports.

of our customers have data centers that are almost entirely virtualized, and
they are reluctant to deploy Steelhead appliances in those data centers.  The virtual machines in those data centers
are already being managed by tools like vSphere, RightScale, PlateSpin,
etc.  Virtual Steelhead fits right in; it
can be managed by those same tools.  The
end result with Virtual Steelhead is that WAN optimization becomes a viable
option for virtually deployed data centers, too.

also hear from MSPs and their customers quite often.  Many MSPs would like to be able offer WAN Optimization
as a premium service to their customers. 
The problem (before Virtual Steelhead) is that doing so requires
deploying individual Steelhead appliances for each customer, and having
sufficient network segregation between multiple customers.   With Virtual Steelhead, the MSP need only
deploy a VM for any customer who purchases WAN optimization, enabling the MSP
to spin up multiple customers faster and more efficiently.

Steelhead is a very exciting addition to the Riverbed product set that will
permit users to have access to WAN optimization who have never had it before.   Plus you can throw it out of an airplane… and
it’ll still work when it hits the ground!

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