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A Solution to the Broadband Bind

Posted by riverbedtest on July 15, 2010

I still get print versions of some of the industry's best-known
weekly magazines.  I find that even though they've gotten a lot thinner in
recent times, holding a physical copy in my hand gives the contents a bit more
importance, and I find that I am more likely to read them.  I seldom make
the effort to visit the same magazines' web sites.

This week it worked just that way.  I received the June 12,
2010 issue of Information Week in
the mail, and saw the cover story.  The cover teaser reads, "Broadband Bind: Why every US
business has a stake in improved speeds, coverage, and competition.
 Right up our alley here at Riverbed.
 And definitely an article that I would have missed if it had only been
published on the web site.

It's a very interesting and important article that discusses how
applications such as video, voice, backups and disaster recovery require
ever-more and ever-larger chunks of bandwidth, and that small office and home
offices have a hard time getting adequate bandwidth that is reliable and
consistently fast to work with those applications.  And that corporations,
especially those with remote branch offices, have a difficult time getting
enough bandwidth to connect all of their locations.  The author,
 Jonathan Feldman, goes on to discuss governmental regulations, how barriers to entry keep
competitors out of the broadband market, and the extreme cost of bandwidth.

But it's not until the end of the second-to-last paragraph in the
article, on page 29 (the article starts on page 20) that the author writes
anything about the efficiency of the data traversing the network:

"Relief comes when you use the
available capacity in a more efficient manner," says Mark Butler director
of product marketing with Internet services company

And then
he fails to comment on that important statement.

The truth
is that improved network efficiency is the
 best answer to
these problems, and not one that should be buried nine pages into the article.
 Thousands of companies, including more than half of the Global 100, have
already seen reductions in data traffic of 70%, 80% and even more through the
simple deployment of
Riverbed Steelhead Appliances,
 Steelhead Mobile, and application-specific
acceleration modules for video, backups, disaster recovery, and many other
applications.  These companies report that once Riverbed solutions have
been implemented they can put off upgrading their wide area networks for years,
and in many cases have been able to
 downgrade their wide area networks after they implement Steelhead
appliances because of the reduction in WAN traffic, often saving tens of
thousands of dollars per month, or more.

The right short-term answer to
these broadband bottlenecks is WAN Optimization, not overhauling the nation's
broadband infrastructure.

One Response to “A Solution to the Broadband Bind”

  1. Mead said

    Let me know when you can talk Comcast and ATT into deploying WAN optimization to the edge for its customers. I think it would be rather cool to be able to run a soft client and get traffic optimization to my ISP, maybe they could speed up its adoption by offering discounts to subscribers who are willing to run the soft client to save on bandwidth usage.

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