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Riverbed CEO and CFO making milkshakes

Posted by bobegilbert on June 30, 2010

Riverbed CEO Jerry Kennelly and CFO Randy Gottfried roll up their sleeves and prepare milkshakes for their hard-working employees.  John Chambers is doing a great job running Cisco, but does he take the time to make his employees milkshakes?

3 Responses to “Riverbed CEO and CFO making milkshakes”

  1. Michael Riebe said

    will it blend?

  2. Apparently, it looks like John Chambers does indeed engage in activities like “handing out ice cream to his employees.”

  3. Rob Hymel said

    I’m sorry, who is Jerry Kennelly? Now, John Chambers – everyone’s heard of 🙂 Sorry Jerry, you’ve got quit a way to go before you ever reach the celebrity status of John Chambers.

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