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Welcoming the new Evangelist

Posted by riverbedtest on May 28, 2010

Hello Fans of the Riverbed Blog,

I’m Evan Marcus, and I have just recently joined the
Riverbed Marketing Evangelism team. 
(Yes, we all know that makes me Evan
the Evangelist
.  Just laugh now and
get it out of your system.)  I’ll be
based out of my home office in northern New Jersey.  (Just laugh now and get that out of your
system, too.)

What that means is that I’ll be working with Bob Gilbert,
Riverbed’s Director of Marketing for Customers, Community, and Evangelism to sing
the Gospel of Riverbed.  What that really
means is that I’ll be blogging (this is the first of many), vlogging, and
speaking at a variety of Riverbed events about what we do, and why everybody
needs it so much.  I’ll also be taking a
lead role in Riverbed’s Social Media presence (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and
YouTube), and the Riverbed Community web site, and I will be a very visible
face at Riverbed User Group meetings, especially those in the Eastern US

Drivers-of-womI come from a fairly varied technical and communications-oriented
background.  Most recently I’ve been a
Sales Engineer with some extra writing or speaking duties at a variety of small
technology companies including nlyte Software and Archivas Software.  Before all that, I spent 8 years at Veritas
, where, among other things, I co-wrote and edited four books,
including Blueprints for High Availability and The Resilient Enterprise (a book
about Disaster Recovery).  With the title
“Availability Maven,” I became a speaker at a variety of Veritas conferences
and events, and even organized and MC’d their internal engineering conference two
straight years. I’ve also been a semi-regular tutorial instructor at the LISA and
USENIX conferences for the last 10 years or so.

I have had a lot of exposure to a variety of different
technologies, including Unix systems, Windows systems, storage, data center
design and capacity planning, networking, discovery, security, and more.  I’ve also developed some interactive web
sites in my spare time.

Riverbed is a very exciting place to be, and I am thrilled
to be here.  I am consistently impressed
by the technology here.  The words I keep
hearing are Speed, Scalability, and Simplicity. 
It’s obvious to me that that’s more than just words to the people here
at Riverbed; that shows in everything I’ve seen since I arrived.

I look forward to meeting you at Riverbed events.  If you see me at a Riverbed event, please
don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to me. 

Thank you,

Evan Marcus    


One Response to “Welcoming the new Evangelist”

  1. He is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our backs.

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