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Steelhead 7050: Riverbed continues to innovate

Posted by riverbedtest on March 1, 2010


The recent announcement of the newest Steelhead 7050 appliance makes available new and unprecedented levels of scalability to Riverbed's largest customers.  As the first WAN optimization appliance with the capability to store 100% of its persistent data on solid state disks (SSD's), the Steelhead 7050 represents only the latest of many innovative capabilities first delivered by Riverbed to its customers.

While Riverbed's competitors are eager talk about their roadmap and future plans, only Riverbed is able to show how historically they have consistently executed on their product plans.  In fact, Riverbed innovates at such a fast rate that competitors are struggling to keep pace in copying Riverbed's new ideas.  To show what I mean, here is a list of major innovations by Riverbed, where Riverbed was the first WAN optimization vendor to introduce the innovation:

May 2004:  The first WAN optimization appliance to use disk-based data reduction

May 2004:  The first auto-discovery capability allowing dynamic peer discovery

May 2004:  The first layer-7 optimization for Exchange 5.5 and 2000 (MAPI)

March 2005:  The first layer-7 optimization for Exchange 2003 (MAPI 2003)

October 2005:  The first to support for asymmetric routing for appliances deployed in-path

August 2006:  * The first to support data store synchronization within redundant cluster

March 2008:  The first layer-7 optimization for Exchange 2007 (MAPI 2007)

March 2008:  The first virtualization platform for WAN optimization (RSP)

October 2008:  * The first layer-7 optimization for Lotus Notes

October 2008:  * The first layer-7 optimization for Encrypted Exchange (encrypted MAPI)

November 2009:  * The first branch office warming (appliance & mobile client data sharing)

November 2009:  * The first layer-7 CIFS optimization specially engineered for Macintosh

February 2010:  * The first WAN optimization offering to use solid state disks

The above innovations listed with an asterisk (*) indicate features that are still only available exclusively from Riverbed.

From noting the above observations, Riverbed's customers can be assured of two things:

1)  Riverbed is as dedicated to innovation today as we always have been since we first introduced the Steelhead in 2004.  The pace of Riverbed introducing new innovations and capabilities continues unabated.

2)  Unlike its competitors, Riverbed has a strong history of execution that gives customers a high level of confidence in the continued execution of its roadmap and product plans.

6 Responses to “Steelhead 7050: Riverbed continues to innovate”

  1. Eric said

    You may want to validate your facts on the SSL split termination approach. I do not believe Riverbed was the first to do this.

  2. Josh Tseng said

    I have updated this blog by replacing the item in question with a different item.

  3. Eric said

    Thank you for your accuracy and in correcting your blog posting.

  4. Josh Tseng said

    Thanks for validating the blog’s accuracy.

  5. Arvind said

    These are not correct. MAC CIFS support and Virtualization are supported by other major vendor much before Riverbed. You fixed few bugs in MAC CIFS and claiming that you are first to optimize..Its good marketing only..
    In addition, you also forget to mention,
    Riverbed is also first to break many applications
    1. March 2005: Exchange 2003 broke with MAPI pre-population
    2. Nov 2009: Riverbed can’t optimize outlook 2007 on Win 7

  6. Josh Tseng said

    The blog is correct. Riverbed is the first to support hosting of 3rd-party applications as virtual blades in our WAN optimization appliance. Riverbed is also the first and currently the only vendor to optimize Mac CIFS (OSX 10.5 and 10.6) without risk of data corruption or slowing down the connection.
    As far as bugs, those you listed are already fixed. I would suggest next time you call out bugs that have not yet been fixed. There are a few of them, though not that many (and you’d have to be a Riverbed customer to find them on our support site).

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