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Why Riverbed WAN optimization should be a priority in 2010

Posted by riverbedtest on February 11, 2010

John Rath is among a number of IT industry observers who have noted that the WAN optimization market is hot; enterprises are looking to WAN optimization as a means of gaining significant IT efficiencies.  As the market leader in WAN optimization, Riverbed is increasingly the choice of CIO's and IT directors who understand the importance of investing in game-changing technologies for their IT infrastructure.  Despite scarce budget dollars available in today's difficult times, Riverbed is at or near the top of many IT project lists.

Those IT organizations who have or are investing in Riverbed realize that the resulting benefits go beyond just improved application performance and bandwidth savings.  Here are five things that they have come to understand about WAN optimization, and why Riverbed should be a priority in 2010:

1)  Riverbed's WAN optimization technology is different – Riverbed offers truly new and innovative technology that departs from older legacy approaches that are still being used by Riverbed's competitors.  Riverbed does not use file caching approaches that can lead to scaling and data coherency issues.  Unlike traditional Packeteer-style tunneling compression devices from the 1990's, Riverbed Steelheads can address the behavioral inefficiencies of a broad range of different applications, in order to effectively solve WAN latency issues.

2)  Investment in Riverbed often facilitates an instant short-term ROI and cost-savings – Many Riverbed customers are able to remove WAN links and reduce bandwidth subscriptions from their telecom providers, yielding immediate short-term cost savings that justify the Riverbed purchase within a matter of months.  Numerous Riverbed customers have been able to completely remove file servers and other application servers from their branch offices, yielding additional savings in IT operational costs.

3)  Riverbed allows you to do what was previously impossible – A number of Riverbed customers have been able to shut down data centers, leading to $millions in annual savings.  In the past, this would not have been possible without adversely affecting application performance for branch office employees.

4)  Riverbed WAN optimization lays the foundation for tomorrow's IT infrastructure – Many see Cloud Computing as the "Next Big Thing" that will deliver new levels of efficiency in IT operations.  However, The Cloud also creates new dependencies on the WAN infrastructure, because it demands that everyone access their applications and data remotely.  WAN optimization is therefore needed to prevent performance issues that arise as a result of WAN latencies and limited bandwidth.

5)  Riverbed allows the IT guy to be the hero – Most IT projects are considered successful if end-users don't notice any change or impact.  The typical IT guy would be happy if end-users don't notice any impacts arising out of that server virtualization, router or switch upgrade, or VoIP migration project.  But one of the key objectives of a Riverbed WAN optimization deployment is to impact the end-user in very real and productive ways.  Imagine the IT guy receiving a call that turns out not to be a complaint, but a complement.  "What did you do to the network??? Things are soooo much faster now!!!"  In fact, at Riverbed we are aware of a number of IT guys who were promoted as a reward for deploying Riverbed WAN optimization.

6 Responses to “Why Riverbed WAN optimization should be a priority in 2010”

  1. Great article. I’m a big fan of Riverbed products and have noticed their “miracle” work in the real-world.
    I’ve written a blog article for those who have implemented Riverbed products are are looking for some extra performance tweaks beyond the setup defaults.

  2. Josh Tseng said

    Hi Nicholas,
    Nice blog! I’ll link to it in one of my future blogs. See if we can generate some traffic for you.

  3. Thanks for the wonderful post. I am a regular follower of Both Riverbed and PicNet blogs. They provide immense knowledge and invaluable professional expertise which provides me cutting edge over others.

  4. Interesting stuff. This will become good quality content for my visitors of my new website. Thanks a lot. – Ray K.

  5. Andrew said

    WOW!!! You all nailed this. What happens in 2011? It is amazing to read this stuff and see how the company has grown.

  6. Josh Tseng said

    Hi Andrew,
    I would say in 2011, look for the WAN optimization market to continue expanding, and for the technology to enter other areas including cloud computing and cloud backup.

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