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Customer Testimonials at Interop New York

Posted by riverbedtest on November 19, 2009

Join us for an exciting final day InterOp New York!  In addition to the product demonstrations that are taking place throughout the day a number of our customers will be joining us to share their experiences with you in our main presentation theater.  Don't miss this opportunity to see our products in action and to hear how some of the worlds leading organizations are relying on Riverbed to improve the performance of their IT infrastructure.

Interop New York Schedule: Thursday 19 November

11:45a Customer Speaker: 
Rockford Health Systems – Joe Granneman
1:30p Customer Speaker:  DTCC –
Rahul Arya
2:00p Customer Speaker:  Jacobs –
Sean Byars
2:30p Customer Speaker:  Turner
Padget, David Michael
3:00p Customer Speaker:  Dennis
Jansson, Lantmannen
3:30p Wii Giveaway

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