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Steelhead Mobile 3.0 – The Riverbed Prancing Horse?

Posted by riverbedtest on November 3, 2009


Since the year 2000 Ferarri has won six  Formula 1 Drivers' Championships, seven Constructors' Championship, and four FIA GT2 Championships but those awards pale in comparison to the impact the company's famed prancing horse icon has when it pulls up to an intersection of a crowded city street.  While only an erudite few may know who Michael Schumacher is or other details from the storied brands recent success, virtually everyone who sees the distinctive Italian cars recognize them as the ultimate driving machines.   Whether a Ferrari is built for the track or the street it is understood that what makes these cars so highly coveted is the understanding that the singular vision of every model they produce is unmitigated performance.  The Riverbed product family share these characteristics as both the Steelhead Appliance and Steelhead Mobile are powered by the same Riverbed Optimization System (RiOS) which is what makes today's announcement of the release of Steelhead Mobile 3.0 so exciting.  Steelhead Mobile 3.0 gives IT managers the opportunity to simplify their network infrastructure by offering a single solution to the problems that plague performance 

Whether in the office or on the road, improved integration with the Steelhead appliance allows workers to bring even more of the benefits of the Riverbed Optimization System with them wherever they go. Speed is no longer a barrier to mobility with new protocol optimizations, expanded platform and operating system support, and client developments that improve the performance of the entire Riverbed Technology deployment.  With this release we introduce:

    • Acceleration for Windows 7 and 64-bit Systems
    • Web Applications – up to 20X to 60X faster
    • Branch Warming – Enhanced acceleration for your entire Riverbed deployment.

To learn more about these exciting new features and to try it for yourself, check out What's New With Steelhead Mobile to give your organization Ferrari like performance everywhere!


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