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Faster than a speeding rollout

Posted by riverbedtest on May 27, 2009

Well folks,

I thought we had seen it all when Bankwest, formerly part of HBOS Australia, was able to put 170 Steelhead appliances into production across Australia in only 45 days. The professionalism and dedication of Bankwest's IT staff, together with help and support from their VAR Dimension Data & the local Riverbed team helped them to achieve a very large-scale IT infrastructure rollout in a remarkably short period of time.

Of course, the Steelhead appliance's famed simple installation, product stability and ease of use, together with centralised configuration & management, including a fully automatic installation capability from the CMC probably also helped achieve this goal.  ; )

That being said however, another APAC banking customer has just recently blown this record away. A nation-wide bank in Malaysia has just deployed OVER 100 Steelhead Appliances all across the country in ONLY TEN DAYS.

Not bad for a country containing two separate regions, 11 states and about 28 million people.


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