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Netscout: See which application is your traffic hog

Posted by riverbedtest on May 19, 2009

David Spark reporting for Riverbed at Interop ’09, Las Vegas, NV.

I spoke with Steven Shalita, VP of Marketing for Netscout, a solution that provides visibility into network application traffic over an IP network environment. Netscout is partnering with Riverbed allowing you to see that traffic is being reduced overall, but also where it’s being reduced the most. More importantly, if traffic isn’t dropping as much as you’d like, you can see which applications, such as video or voice, are eating up the most bandwidth.

For more, check out all of Riverbed’s Interop ’09 Las Vegas coverage.



One Response to “Netscout: See which application is your traffic hog”

  1. Barry said

    The need for automation of IP address management has never been greater. The criticality of TCP/IP networks continues to increase over time. Virtualization, cloud and mobile computing, and the introduction of diverse IP-based devices—such as IP telephones, cameras, and RFID readers—are proliferating at a dramatic pace.

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