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Activision speeds up game development time with Riverbed WAN optimization

Posted by riverbedtest on May 18, 2009

David Spark, reporting from CIO Boot Camp at Interop in Las Vegas.

Thomas Fenady of Activision gave a great presentation about how Riverbed's WAN optimization devices were hugely transformational to his company's business through its growth, especially when they were acquiring other companies.

After his presentation I asked Fenady on camera what deploying Riverbed's WAN optimization devices meant to Activision's business. Fenady said that the core issue was sending game builds between multiple sites. Riverbed's devices provided a huge cost benefit. It reduced the cost and timing of each testing cycle thus allowing them to get to market faster which is huge with their aggressive game development cycles.

While they're developing games now that are 12 GB in size, he expects it's not going to be too long before they'll be creating 20 GB games. And ultimately, they may soon be filling Blueray DVDs with 52 GB games.

For more, check out all of Riverbed's Interop '09 Las Vegas coverage.


One Response to “Activision speeds up game development time with Riverbed WAN optimization”

  1. miumiu said

    It’s so lucky for me to find your blog! So shocking and great!

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