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On the value of WAN Optimization and loyal animals:

Posted by riverbedtest on May 11, 2009

Eric Siegel recently wrote about heroism, cost cutting and
WAN optimization in his Burton Group blog (April 26, 2009.)  Read it here.

He starts out with a look at cats guarding
the foxhole, which is a clever twist on foxes guarding the hen house, and
presumably comes full circle with poultry guarding the cat house.  Oh my, this has gone terribly wrong
somehow.  Let’s leave my quagmire of twisted
logic and mixed metaphors aside and instead check out Eric's main point….


Namely, WAN optimization can indeed provide massive savings
in network bandwidth costs AND provide amazing application acceleration.  Any Riverbed customer knows this is true, but
anyone else looking for a quick insider tip the “Do More with Less” Derby would be well
advised to give it a try.


I look forward to Eric’s other posts and more hefty
It’s great to see the industry’s sharpest thinkers catching on to the
best kept secret for improving IT infrastructure performance.  At very least it’s far more productive than
discussing cats, foxes, chickens, and swine flu….



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