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Riverbed customers get a voice

Posted by bobegilbert on April 30, 2009

Riverbed is becoming the go-to vendor in the WAN optimization market with a highly innovative product suite that enables organizations to leverage their existing WAN infrastructure to slash IT costs and do things that they could not do before.

Building a leading WAN optimization product to address some of the core requirements for performance, scalability, and simplicity is an extremely challenging and complex endeavor.  While Riverbed's development and product management team has obviously been up for the challenge since releasing Riverbed's first product in May 2004, they have received some much needed help from an unexpected source along the way.  Who has provided this help? 

Riverbed's customers of course.

Yes.  You heard it right.  Riverbed looks towards its customer base to help with one of the critical components in the process of product development: Deciding what features to build and which ones to build first.  Without customer input, Riverbed's product management and development teams would have to rely solely on market research and personal knowledge and experiences.  Even if you are able to come up with a long list of features, how do you determine what features to build first? 

Riverbed first started reaching out to its customers for feedback and input by working with Riverbed regional sales teams to gather feature interest from their regional customers.  This soon expanded into an online feature request platform as demonstrated by Riverbed's Feature Request discussion forum at  Riverbed recently took this a step further by asking customers during regional user group meetings to vote for a list of features, also allowing the customers to write in their own features not listed.

Here is a snapshot of a recent Riverbed user group meeting in Kansas City where 15 users had the opportunity to vote for what features interest them.


Riverbed plans on extending this opportunity to several more user group meetings taking place over the next few quarters.  The result is that several hundred Riverbed customers will have the chance to help influence what features and new products Riverbed will come out with next.

I would like to personally thank Riverbed's customers not only for your business, but for also being a critical part of our product development process.

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