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From Guitar Hero to IT Hero: Activision wins with Riverbed

Posted by riverbedtest on April 14, 2009

At last weeks SNW conference, Activision was the honoree in the category of "Innovation and Promise", due largely to their adoption of Riverbed's WAN optimization technology.

A few interesting comments from Activision's senior director of IT, Thomas Fenady:

In Fenady's favorite example of how an international video
entertainment firm can pummel its network, the Dublin, Ireland-based
testers and designers working on Call of Duty routinely generate approximately 200GB of data each day.

With Riverbed Technology Inc.'s Steelhead appliance, says Fenady, "we
started getting about 34megs per second. We were filling up the pipe."

"What they see is a game-build transfer that could take eight hours before and now takes 30 minutes."

See the full list of SNW award winners.

Also check out the full article from Storage Magazine  (may require registration.)

Game on, my friends, game on!


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