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WDS as a disruptive technology

Posted by riverbedtest on September 2, 2008

Last night I was cleaning out some old boxes in the closet.   Not wanting to throw out anything useful, I examined the contents of one box, and came across my prized camera from a bygone age, the one I had taken on numerous trips to exotic locations in Thailand, Indonesia, China, etc…  It conjured up many nostalgic memories from the late 1990’s, from before I was married, when I was able to roam and travel, free from the many responsibilities that I have now. 

But this camera is now useless.  There’s just no way I’d be willing to make trips to Costco anymore to drop off film, and then have to wait for a week before seeing the results of my efforts.  Now, I use a digital camera, and I can view my photos instantaneously in the camera’s LCD, and I can have prints within minutes if I wanted them, by just uploading the digital photos to my computer and using my own color printer.

Disruptive products and technologies are changing the way we live our lives all the time.  It’s no different in the world of IT.  New technologies come along and change the way we run our business. With WDS, enterprises are now able to consolidate their branch office servers into the data center. 

Just as digital cameras gave me new efficiencies in handling my photography, WDS affords enterprises new ways of managing IT infrastructure for remote offices.  No longer do you have to remotely administer and patch servers from hundreds or thousands of miles away.  No longer do you have to worry about someone sneaking in over the weekend to tamper with your data in the branch office.  No longer do you have to wait 18 hours for that backup process to complete; it can now be done in about half an hour.  And finally, no longer do you have to put up with calls from angry users complaining about poor application performance and not enough WAN bandwidth.

Some enterprises are quick to embrace new technologies, and these are known as the early-adopters.  Others are more conservative, wary of making an investment in something that will fade away or deliver less-than-anticipated value.  These enterprises prefer to wait until the new technologies have been tested and proven by their peers.

But WDS is a disruptive technology that has now entered the mainstream.  The pace of adoption and deployment of Riverbed’s WDS solution is accelerating.  More than 4500 enterprises have deployed and are now depending on it, and as have fully 44 of the Forbes Global 100.  When taking this into consideration, it is quite clear that WDS is a disruptive technology that is now well beyond the early-adopter phase.  There is no longer any reason to wait, as the largest and most conservative enterprises are now adopting and embracing this new disruptive technology.

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