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Top 10 Storage Inventions of All Time

Posted by bobegilbert on July 17, 2008

Byte and Switch recently wrote about the top 10 storage inventions of all time and while I agree with most of the items on the list, they seem to have left off WAN optimization or Wide-area Data Services (WDS)!

Although data-deduplication is listed as #8, the context is with regards to data at rest and not data in flight.  This list item is obviously aimed at the specific impact that data-deduplication has on data that resides on the storage device.  There is a strong argument to be made that data-deduplication for data in-flight combined with the other performance optimizations that WDS provides has proven to be an important invention that impacts storage directly.  You might be asking how does WDS impact storage?

The first impact is that WDS makes branch office WAN backup a reality. By de-duplicating data and optimizing traffic at the TCP and application layer, WDS technology like Riverbed’s dramatically reduces backup windows for backup applications like Tivoli Storage Manager and NetBackup.  At the same time, the impact that backup has on the WAN environment is greatly diminished.

The second impact is that WDS enables consolidation of branch office file servers and mail servers without impacting end user performance. This is absolutely huge as organizations can now centralize and consolidate their branch office server and storage infrastructure to the data center where there is better security, control, and management.  Sure organizations could consolidate without WDS, but performance issues often halt consolidation efforts or at least cause ongoing pain, frustration, and user mutiny.

The third impact is that WDS accelerates and optimizes data replication environments where storage data or virtual infrastructures are replicated from a primary data center to a backup facility.  WDS reduces backup windows, speeds up the time it takes to recover from a disaster, lessens the impact on the WAN, and enables organizations to replication more often.  The net-net is that WDS enables organizations to better meet their RTO and RPO objectives.

Whether its performing data backup from your branch offices to your data center, centralizing your distributed server and storage infrastructure, or performing disaster recovery maneuvers between data centers, WDS has proven to be an important invention that directly impacts storage environments.

2 Responses to “Top 10 Storage Inventions of All Time”

  1. Time to wake-up from his sleep of the “Red-Sea” Strategy instead of focusing on what’s the best and cheapest in the industry. Sun is getting dirt-cheap for it’s storage and now Riverbed’s WDS. A*Star can stopped that research on iSCSI, cos the industry-player is slowly adopting WAN optimization where it optimized the traffic, instead of changing the “pipe”. All the best! Frm: Brother!

  2. anonymous said

    its really interesting and very useful. if u want to know more about the inventions that revolutionized the world click here,

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