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Top 10 reasons I love working for Riverbed

Posted by bobegilbert on June 6, 2008

My 5 1/2 years at Riverbed have been simply amazing.  From the people I work with to the city I work in, it is no wonder that Riverbed was named one the most admired companies.  So what makes Riverbed such as great company to work for?  Here are my top 10 reasons. 

10.  There is a really cool game room on the 5th floor where I work at HQ


9.  There are free snacks and beverages available throughout the work day

8.  Espresso Machine!

7.  I have a great window view of the city from my desk

6.  The employee benefits are top-notch

5.  There is a culture of work hard, achieving success, and having fun along the way

4.  Everyone is accessible.  Even our CEO Jerry Kennelly is only a few cubicles away.

3.  My office is in the heart of San Francisco.  Need I say more?

2.  The people here are really smart and I learn something new every day

1.  And the number one reason why I love to work for Riverbed?  The market we are addressing is huge and our product and technology is outstanding!

2 Responses to “Top 10 reasons I love working for Riverbed”

  1. David Neo said

    I’d like to add one more reason why this is a great company to work for and I have a story to tell. I had my notebook totally fail one fine day while traveling on business and that was on a Thursday. I figured that I would get back to my home base, Singapore, on that same week Friday before flying out to Vietnam the immediate Sunday to attend Riverbed’s week long partner’s conference in Vietnam. I checked with Riverbed IT and was told there was no way Fedex (or any equivalent) could guarantee that the new replacement notebook would reach me before I flew off to Vietnam on Sunday. This was a disaster and very worrying as I could not get business transacted properly without the notebook (which by now had become my mobile office) !
    The smart folks in Riverbed IT put two and two together … that there were some Corporate people who were flying down to Vietnam and we all hoped that at least one of them could hand carry my replacement notebook to Vietnam in their luggage. That would be ideal as I would get my hands on the notebook with minimal delay. No one could have guessed that the person who hand carried my replacement notebook to Vietnam was …. Riverbed’s CEO, Jerry Kennelly !! Jerry personally handed me my replacement notebook having had to carry it in his luggage all the way from the US. Now some people wouldn’t make much of this but I’ve got to ask just how many CEOs would hand carry a replacement notebook and deliver it personally to a staff member ? Perhaps most if not all CEOs might have gotten someone else to do this task that many would think is below the role of a CEO (you certainly don’t see that in a CEO’s job specs). I’ve got to say that while I’ve received a Sales Award for outstanding contribution from John Chambers at a Sales conference, that paled in comparison to our CEO hand-carrying my replacement notebook himself and personally handing it to me with a smile that says it all. It reminded me just what Riverbed is all about … that this is a can-do, hands-on and caring company where we do whatever it takes and whatever makes sense to get the job done. While I had no excuses not to get back to work after being handed the notebook, I’ve got to say Jerry sets the tone for the rest of the company about what our culture is all about. Chalk that as one more reason why this is a great company to work for !

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