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First day at Interop

Posted by bobegilbert on April 29, 2008

After last year’s slower than expected Interop show, my expectations were low for this year’s showing in Las Vegas, especially with a slowing economy putting the crimp on travel budgets.

The first day has proven me wrong! Riverbed’s 30′ x 30′ booth was packed throughout the day with IT folks interested in learning more about Riverbed and Wide-area Data Services.  The latest lead count for the first day is more than double what we had during the whole 3-day show last year!

So what was the draw?

Interop_2008_josh_preso_4 Josh presents to a standing only room

It was the live demo!  While other vendors focused on marketing-centric presentations, we decided to give a short presentation combined with a live demo of our groundbreaking Steelhead Mobile software and Steelhead appliance.  The presentation and demo lasted for about 10 minutes and we did it continuously with little breaks in between.  I believe show attendees really appreciated the live, real-world demo.

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